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Yassi Law


Navigating the complexities of personal injury and commercial litigation to secure your rights and achieve results in New York and New Jersey

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About Yassi Law Pc

Commercial Litigation and Personal Injury Lawyer

Manhattan Law firm focused on providing relationship-based counseling in areas of commercial litigation and personal injury law.

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Worked with Yassi Law for legal advice on an event contract. They were a pleasure to work with – professional and super quick to get back to me which was important because I was in the middle of a contract negotiation. Having a lawyer review my contract and provide counsel (on my schedule) about how best to handle the situation moving forward was extremely valuable. I appreciate their calm, delicate, and non-alarmist approach to helping me navigate an event I want to continue with but how to do so in a way that will get me more favorable terms. Would recommend. :-)

Amy Marshall- Via Google Review


Practice Areas

I believe in an interdisciplinary approach to lawyering and bring well-rounded knowledge and experience to every case I handle. 


Commercial Litigation

Protecting your business interests and achieving results through skilled commercial litigation


Personal Injury

Empowering injury victims and their families to reclaim their lives and seek justice


What Sets Me Apart

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Top-Rated Law Firm

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial law governs the areas of business, consumer transactions, and commerce. It further regulates individuals, merchants, and companies engaged in sales, trade, and marketing. Contract violations constitute a significant part of most commercial law disputes, but other common commercial legal issues include unfair competition disputes, consumer complaints, and advertising/marketing violations.

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Personal Injury Law

Accidents happen every day, and many could be avoided if it were not for the carelessness of another. Accident victims often suffer physical, emotional, and financial damage. Luckily there is hope for the victims. You may be able to get reimbursement for these losses, and we can help.

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