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Commercial Litigation

Committed to excellence in Personal Injury and Commercial Litigation.

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Commercial Litigation

Yassi Law has built a reputation as one of the leading solo-commercial litigation firms in New York. With experience handling a wide range of complex legal disputes, Yassi Law is well-equipped to provide strategic, affordable, and effective representation for clients.


One of the key areas of expertise at Yassi Law is contract disputes. Mr. Yassi is well-versed in navigating the complexities of contract formation, interpretation, and enforcement. Mr. yassi has a proven track record of success in resolving contract disputes through negotiation, mediation, and, when necessary, litigation. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or individual, Yassi Law can help you protect your rights and interests in contract disputes.


Another area of expertise at Yassi Law is Business Divorce, we understand that business partnerships can be complex, and sometimes, it's necessary to part ways. Business divorce can be a difficult and emotional process, but with Yassi Law’s expert guidance, you can navigate the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Mr. Yassi understands that each client's situation is unique and prides himself on providing personalized and effective representation. Yassi Law will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.


Don't let a legal dispute disrupt your business operations or personal life. Yassi law will provide you with the guidance and representation needed to navigate commercial litigation's complexities and protect your rights and interests. Contact Yassi Law today to schedule a consultation and discuss your commercial litigation needs.

  • Bad Faith

  • Breach of Contract

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  • Business Torts

  • Class Actions

  • Construction

  • Fraud and Misrepresentation

  • LLC Member Disputes

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Debtor/Creditor

  • Employment and Labor

  • Restrictive Covenant

  • Shareholder Disputes and Derivative Actions

  • Trade Secret and Unfair Competition

  • Real Estate, Land Use, and Environmental Litigation

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I had an issue at work and needed someone to talk to. Reza was able to walk me through my options and helped me resolve the issue without having to go to court. The whole issue was resolved in a matter of days. If you're looking for a lawyer who is reliable and intelligent then look no further.

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