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Committed to excellence in Personal Injury and Commercial Litigation.


In the competitive business landscape, it's not uncommon to encounter harmful and unfair practices that cause substantial damage. If your business has been the victim of such tactics, Yassi Law PC is here to help. 


Business torts, or economic torts, happen when harmful or unfair practices cause financial harm to a business. These can include techniques such as fraudulent misrepresentation, tortious interference with contracts, breach of fiduciary duty, or unfair competition.

Winning a business tort lawsuit in New York requires proving several elements. These include demonstrating that the defendant engaged in an unlawful act or conduct, this conduct caused harm to your business, and as a result, your business suffered quantifiable economic damages.

Whether you're dealing with deceptive trade practices, 3rd party interference, or unfair competition, you can trust Yassi Law PC to provide the robust legal representation you need. Standing ready to relentlessly pursue your interests, hold the perpetrators accountable, and seek appropriate compensation for the harm caused to your business.


When your business reputation and economic well-being are under threat, you need the best. Trust Yassi Law PC to handle your Business Torts claim with the vigor, expertise, and personalized attention you deserve. Contact today for a free consultation, and let's work together to restore the integrity of your business.


Worked with Yassi Law for legal advice on an event contract. They were a pleasure to work with – professional and super quick to get back to me which was important because I was in the middle of a contract negotiation. Having a lawyer review my contract and provide counsel (on my schedule) about how best to handle the situation moving forward was extremely valuable. I appreciate their calm, delicate, and non-alarmist approach to helping me navigate an event I want to continue with but how to do so in a way that will get me more favorable terms. Would recommend. :-)

Amy Marshall- Via Google Review

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